A Christian Nation?

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Examination of the dominant social motivation against religious oppression shared by each of the fifty five men responsible for drafting and signing the US Constitution, in conjunction with their varied spiritual backgrounds, demonstrates fully their intention not to create a nation with a state religion. This concept was even denied by John Adams. The United States is a secular, not a Christian, nation. No ‘strong Christian tradition’ in the founding of America exists. This is a fallacy. It originates from ignorance of Americans of their own history or is a lie. Many citizens of the United States will disagree with this statement. They would prefer to believe otherwise. So, let us assume for a moment that this is true. America is a Christian nation.

This is a core belief of the TEA party. It is typical of the propaganda spewed forth by men such as Congressmen Ron Paul and John Fleming. Their stance on a ‘right to life’ is based upon this. According to their interpretation of their Bible, abortion is murder. Case settled. Case closed. Congressman Ron Paul was asked in a recent Republican debate, whether tax money should pay for the  care  of an uninsured thirty year old after a serious accident. The audience shouted, “Let him die.” When several audience members at the debate were queried whether society should let the man die, “Yes!” was their response. Not a single Republican candidate on the stage with Paul stepped forward to say it would be morally wrong to let another American die by withholding medical care. The acquiescent agreement among Ron Paul and his Republican colleagues with the crowd was eerie and unsettling. Each of these people endorses a ‘right to life’ for the unborn fetus, but not the thirty year old.

Congressman John Fleming is now legendary for his whining on a national television broadcast about only having a mere four hundred thousand dollars left after “feeding his family”, should President Obama’s proposed taxation of wealthy Americans come to fruition. Fleming assumes the television audience should agree with him and sympathise with his plight, in spite of the fact that he is able to amass enormous wealth, and collect a Congressman’s salary with healthcare benefits, while so many of his constituents are doomed to survive in poverty so severe, that it must be described as ‘third world’.

America is a Christian nation. Fundamentalist Christians are fond of displaying the Mnemonic, “WWJD?” What would Jesus do? Jesus healed the sick. He raised the dead. He fed the masses, and He never, never asked for remuneration. Not once. He preached a dogma of tolerance and forgiveness. Quoting from the Holy Bible, which this segment of the population so reveres, Jesus also once loudly screamed, “Oh, ye hypocrites!” John Adams was correct. America is hardly a ‘Christian nation’.


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MagicRobert presented me with a vellum document, composed in an insane script. We were in a well secured vault in the Michener Library. His face exploded into a broad smile, as he saw me recognize the words, "That government governs best which governs least." It was a copy of "On Civil Disobedience" in the author's own hand. The experience called to mind a conversation Henry David Thoreau had with Ralph Waldo Emerson, as Thoreau sat in a jail cell, incarcerated for protesting the Mexican War. Emerson asked, "David, what are you doing in there?" Thoreau responded, "The point is, Ralph, what are you doing out there?" Once, long ago, I jumped off of big red trucks, lifted weights, and cleaned toilets for a living. Then I wrestled drunks, ran around in circles, and got splattered with blood and all manner of body fluids for a living. Now I enjoy the stillness of early morning in my rocking chair on the porch, with a hot cup of coffee, trying in vain to forget the past. Thank you, Robert!
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