Things I Like About Ron Paul

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Ron Paul seeks to repeal the Voting Rights Act of 1965 on Constitutional grounds. This is the Act which allows Native Americans to vote, including the Code Talkers, who had to wait twenty years to vote, after World War Two ended. If it’s unconstitutional, though, oh, well….. Paul thinks the Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional, too. He doesn’t think schools must allow attendance based on race or ethnic background. Pro education, he wants to drop the Department of Education. All schools should be private, and everyone should pay to get an education. This would guarantee that only those who wanted an education would attend classes. Paul wants to cut all educational loans. If someone wants an education, he should work for it.

In keeping with his opposition to the Civil Rights Act, Ron Paul believes businesses should be able to discriminate against people because of their race, as well. Furthermore, Ron Paul wants to end all regulations on corporations. A business or a corporation is private property. Government has no business regulating private property. This kind of goes along with, “No shoes, no shirt, no service!” A variation of this sign could be, “Black, Oriental, or Mexican, no service!” That’s the ticket; like, “Irish need not apply!”

Ron Paul doesn’t believe in government guaranteeing equal protection under the law for LGBT people, either, and he opposes same-sex marriage. Paul was an original co-sponsor of the Marriage Protection Act. Ron Paul believes that states should have the right to take away a woman’s choice over what she does with her body. States’ rights should trump federal abortion regulations.

Paul wants to repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act, and he thinks that 9/11 could have been prevented if citizens were allowed to carry guns on airplanes. If he is successful, people could once again carry guns near schools and on an airplane. This would make the world much safer.

Ron Paul wants to end the EPA, and he wants to eliminate FEMA. The federal government should not be involved in the environment or in disaster preparedness or relief. He was the only congressman to vote against granting subpoena power to the independent panel responsible for investigating the BP oil spill.

The final reason I support Ron Paul, is the white supremacist organization,, has repeatedly endorsed him.

These are all excellent reasons to support Ron Paul. He is against allowing Native Americans the right to vote, opposes the Civil Rights Act, the EPA and FEMA, and the Department of Education. He also opposes any federal involvement in abortion. With him as president, Americans would no longer have to endure government regulation of business, education, or civil rights, and we could even carry guns on planes!


About Stefan Jacke

MagicRobert presented me with a vellum document, composed in an insane script. We were in a well secured vault in the Michener Library. His face exploded into a broad smile, as he saw me recognize the words, "That government governs best which governs least." It was a copy of "On Civil Disobedience" in the author's own hand. The experience called to mind a conversation Henry David Thoreau had with Ralph Waldo Emerson, as Thoreau sat in a jail cell, incarcerated for protesting the Mexican War. Emerson asked, "David, what are you doing in there?" Thoreau responded, "The point is, Ralph, what are you doing out there?" Once, long ago, I jumped off of big red trucks, lifted weights, and cleaned toilets for a living. Then I wrestled drunks, ran around in circles, and got splattered with blood and all manner of body fluids for a living. Now I enjoy the stillness of early morning in my rocking chair on the porch, with a hot cup of coffee, trying in vain to forget the past. Thank you, Robert!
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