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From Kayenta to Washington

Arizona Democratic voters have a choice. They may  elect a Democratic candidate who lost her seat to a TEA Party Republican,  because she voted with Republicans more often than any other Democrat in Congress. This is Ann Kirkpatrick. She voted … Continue reading

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Arpaio and the Rule of Law

      Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio has exclaimed repeatedly that he supports the Rule of Law. But, what is the Rule of Law? Does Rule of Law require strict, blind obedience, obeying all laws completely, even bad … Continue reading

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As I write this, at 12:21 PM, on December 2, 2011, #Occupy activists are performing an action at the Salt River Project Offices in Tempe, Arizona. My information is provided by live stream and twitter. Phoenix Police, as usual, are … Continue reading

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