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King George the Third

If Prince Bandar bin Sultan of the House of Saud could be known as “Bandar Bush” because of his closeness to the Bush dynasty, then President Barack Obama can be known as George the Third, because his reign in the … Continue reading

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Of Blindness and Historical Amnesia

US President Barack Obama publicly stated the US cannot “turn a blind eye” to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. He accused the Assad regime of orchestrating the August twenty first attacks, allegedly killing 1,429 people. In a recent … Continue reading

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What About Bradley Manning?

Ecuador has renounced its multi-million dollar trade relationship with the US. “Ecuador will not accept pressures or threats from anyone, and it does not traffic in its values or allow them to be subjugated to mercantile interests,” stated government spokesman … Continue reading

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The Buffett Rule

Republicans bluntly criticised President Obama’s long-term deficit reduction plan, with Paul Ryan, who chairs the House of Representatives budget committee, describing it as ‘class warfare’. In a June 19th interview with Lou Dobbs, Warren Buffett said the following, “It’s class … Continue reading

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