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Teachers are Terrorists

That’s right.  You heard me. Teachers are terrorists. That is what former President George W. Bush said. Well, not in so many words. He labeled teachers’ unions ‘terrorist’ organizations. Terrorist organizations: teachers’ unions. Of course, teachers, with their ever so … Continue reading

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The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

France sharply criticised US spying, allegedly including eavesdropping on official EU communications. Germany is indignant, remembering the STASI and Gestapo. Germany has the world’s strictest privacy laws, as a result of its tumultuous history. The UK has GCHQ and MI-5. … Continue reading

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Hubris is a word which came into common usage in American English with the demise of the George W. Bush Presidency, and has often been used in conjunction with it. Pride, arrogance, insolence, and blindness to one’s own ambition; a … Continue reading

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